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Was Facebook Aqcuiring Instagram A Good Idea?

Few years ago Instagram launched and was one of the most leading new companies in the world with the way they allow users share their pictures for the general public.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg who is a  business minded person thought of acquiring Snapchat before buying Instagram but we heard Snapchat didn’t sell.

So after acquiring Instagram few months later for Billion of Dollar Instagram faced a new challenge by allowing ads on its site which allow facebook owner to make more money.

Both Facebook and Instagram was now a source and platform this owner use to make money. He also put the video/picture sharing style on all the platforms he acquired.

So was it a good idea?

Business wise it was a good idea for Mark to make more money through advertisement and also sharing live video updates on the platform.

Also the features that allow users share video/pictures for 24hrs

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