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REVIEW: WordPress Vs Drupal Which is The Best For Blogging

First of all we need to know what Blogging Means: Blogging is the act of posting an article/picture on a platform known as blog for users to see and read.

A blog can be updated frequently, for the readers to go through or interact with, we have many tools in which is necessary for blogging. An example of this tools are WordPress & Drupal.

This two examples listed above are the major tools used by bloggers to run there website or just small blog but we are here today to compare the two.

Drupal: Drupal is a blogging too which started in the year 2000 according to wikipedia and it is widely used by so many platforms online. Many websites this days were designed by drupal. Drupal itself was written in PHP.

WordPress: This is the most popular blogging tool which was founded in the year 2003 according to wikipedia, Half of the world’s website was designed and is managed using WordPress.

So to close all arguments about which tool is the best indeed WordPress is simple the best but also this is anyone’s prefrence also.

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