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REVIEW: Apple Music vs Spotify (Music Streaming)

Music streaming has been the source of income for Major labels, artists and also other people involved in the program.

The giants of this music streaming are Apple Music and Spotify and they have been at it for many years now. Spotify was the first to enter the business before Apple Music followed.

Spotify offers several plans which includes the Personal Plan, Family Plan and also Students Plan while Apple Music offers the same thing which includes Personal Plan, Family Plan and also Students Plan.

The major issue is that Spotify is not yet available worldwide as they are still trying to improve their services to cover some more countries.

Artists have their own choice of choosing between using Spotify as the Major Streaming Platform or using Apple Music.

How It Works:

Artist or Labels are paid per stream

Artists of Labels are also paid per download

How Streaming Platforms Makes Money:

If a song is distributed, the subscribers streams it or download it after a while the artist/label is paid 70% of the money made and the streaming platform take the remaining 30%.

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