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Improving Electricity in Africa, (Nigeria to be Precised)

As we all know Electricity has become a major problem in some countries in Africa for example Nigeria. Since the country got its independence in 1960 from the British electricity has been a major challenge.

The federal government of the country has done nothing to improve this, so the citizen of the country are forced to use other means such as buying Generators.

What Citizens Says

Citizens of Nigeria says that part of the reason why they do not have 24/7 electricity is political as government use the power to sponsor the Generator supply.

Government allow foreign Generator suppliers to get Generator into the country hereby giving them money for there pockets.

More Infos:

Since the british rule ended Nigerian power sector has seen a revamp twice from change its name from NEPA to PHCN and also to being privatized.

Citizens also use power providing systems like Inverters which simply is a Rechargeable batteries which supplies light for a period of time.

What to Do:

We beg the government to forget there selfish interest and try to make the electricity situation in the country constant as this would bring more jobs, investors and growth to the Nigerian Economy.


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